Sidonio shows courage in confronting tough issues in Town of Murray

Posted 16 June 2023 at 9:24 am


As we approach the June 27th primary for the town of Murray, one has to wonder if past history is any indicator of future behavior. More than likely, we will see a barrage of negativity, personal attacks and hate letters with last-minute bombshells.

While campaigning, Mr. Rightmyer stopped at my residence asking for my support.

I graciously declined and informed him of my unwavering support for Joe Sidonio. While we talked further, Mr. Rightmyer acknowledged that Supervisor Sidonio has done good things for the town such as keeping taxes in check and would like to continue that pattern while bringing everyone together.

That’s great but as a current member of the board, what efforts has Mr. Rightmyer made to bring everyone together in light of the fact that Supervisor Sidonio has done a good job? The answer is “none.”

The notion that Supervisor Sidonio doesn’t work with other people is a farce. Look no farther than his running mate for councilman, Murray ZBA Chairman Eric Collyer, whom has stepped up in support of the current supervisor.

On many occasions I have seen Mr. Sidonio interacting with town officials and/or employees. Whether partaking in an official function or something as simple as a friendly lunch, Joe always made it a point to get along and work together with others. So what’s this nonsense that Joe doesn’t get along?? It’s malarkey. It’s their campaign of hate and deceit led by those who represent nobody but themselves.

Nobody is perfect. Joe Sidonio is not perfect but he tries. He has done many good things for this town in his two terms, despite his frustrations with his board. Look at the achievement to honor the veterans of WWII at the Fancher Memorial.

His courage to call out tough issues is commendable. Water loss, ethics, spending, to name a few. And what treatment does he get in return? Most recently, the supervisor’s office door was physically kicked in. A violent act of aggression aimed at the supervisor. What would anyone call that? Intimidation? Bullying? Why is there no outrage from the Town Board to get to the bottom of it? Complicit and feckless come to mind. The board’s silence is encouragement enabling the dysfunction.

Great leaders make tough decisions and often stand alone in the face of diversity. What will happen if Joe is not there? I believe that things will get quiet. And a quiet government is a dangerous one filled with back-room deals. Thus resurrecting the “Good ole boys club” once again.

We are fortunate to have a guy such as Mr. Sidonio with guts to stand his ground for us and do the right things for the Town of Murray.

Brian Fauci