Sidonio says Murray GOP leaders target his family to keep grip on status quo

Posted 23 August 2017 at 2:46 pm


I am quite disappointed in my opponent’s Letter to the Editor, posted August 17, 2017, in which he chooses to target my family in his campaign for Murray Supervisor. It’s obvious he was prompted by GOP leaders, headed by Ron Vendetti, who are desperate to maintain their grip on the Town.

This is nothing new in Murray. Since the start of my campaign, Mr. Vendetti has issued multiple violation notices and appearance tickets to my family, and is slinging dirt from 25 years ago. Why side-step the real issues and use your public office as a personal political weapon?

The answer is simple, and sad: Mr. Vendetti and my opponent are using the same play book to protect the Status Quo. This is the root cause of what’s holding our community back. I’ve tried to work within our system to bring about change in our town, but was rebuffed at every turn by our leadership.

My opponent’s statements about me are desperately unfounded. His letter is a manuscript of his personal dislike for me and my family, full of red herrings. Yes, we receive excellent water service from Holley.  But we also pay thousands of dollars a year to multiple Murray water districts. As fruit farmers, our mature fruit trees support our family, and we were rightly compensated for their removal when public water was installed.

I have been loyal to our party, and carried petitions for endorsed GOP candidates this year. Our GOP Chairman, on the other hand, bucked the party by not backing the candidate endorsed by Murray Republicans for Sheriff, and instead funded the challenger’s primary campaign. Why does my opponent overlook this?

At least we agree on one thing: our water department is losing money.  In 2017, the town budgeted for a loss of $66,901.00, which is offset by using our bond repayments to keep us afloat.

If my opponent believed in debates, we could explore these issues more.  But sadly, he does not. So, I’ll be posting the hard facts on my Facebook page, JOE SIDONIO FOR SUPERVISOR, that prove my points.

I’m an imperfect man who’s made mistakes, which I have acknowledged in this forum. I’ve learned from them. I refuse to be drawn into the gutter by Mr. Vendetti and my opponent, and will keep focused on the issues that matter to the people.

I recently shared in this forum that my opponent will not be able to separate his party loyalty from the important reforms that lie ahead. I could not have imagined that he would confirm my suspicions so soon, and so publicly, by his blind appropriation of the bully tactics of Mr. Vendetti.

I trust my neighbors in Murray will see it the same way on September 12.

Joseph Sidonio