Sidonio says he remains committed to solutions for Murray despite ‘shameful personal attacks’

Posted 11 September 2017 at 4:59 pm


As the GOP primary for Murray Town Supervisor draws to a close, I am compelled to address the voters personally about the path this campaign has followed, and the choice that lies ahead.

I have been direct about the failing policies of our town government, and how we must do better. The response of my opponent and the party have been shameful personal attacks against me. They even launched a swampy website with photoshopped images to paint me as a stalker and included images of my wife and daughter.

There is no doubt that Bob Miller, Ron Vendetti and ED Morgan are behind it. Just this Saturday Murray Voters received 2 mailers: one containing letters from Ed Morgan and Mr. Miller, and another from “anonymous”, slinging dirt from 25 years ago about mistakes I disclosed back in June.

Both letters hit mailboxes on the same day. Both used the exact same mail list. Even the post marks, time and address labels were identical.

There’s more. On Saturday night, Mr. Miller a retired state trooper sent two police officers to my home to issue me an appearance ticket for removing not a political sign but one advertising his smear website.

This coordinated assault by Miller, Morgan and Vendetti is below the integrity of their offices and an affront on our democratic institutions.

Although I predicted it months ago, I am still shocked that this threesome would use police-state tactics to preserve their unchecked power.

Nonetheless, I am emboldened to reaffirm what’s really important: Good Government. Accountability. Building a better future for Murray.

From the start of my campaign, I have spoken with specificity on the policies we must pursue, from fixing our failing general and water funds once and for all, to seeing that all residents get a fair shake in their dealings with town officials. We must bend over backwards to promote Murray as a place to start a business and raise a family and hold all town officials to the highest possible standards of ethical conduct.

Apparently, this talk threatens my opponents, and instead of appealing to our better angels, they’ve lashed out.

I’m the only candidate for Supervisor ready to lead Murray through these fixes, and won’t be deterred by those who have proven they will do anything to preserve the status quo.

I’m Joe Sidonio, I want to work for you, and I’d greatly appreciate your support this Tuesday.

Joe Sidonio