Sidonio is deserving of second term as Murray town supervisor

Posted 13 June 2021 at 7:16 am


Here it is time for our Town of Murray Republican Primary and Joe Sidonio is being challenged by Randy Bower. Joe’s campaign material describes his many accomplishments including reducing spending and cutting taxes.

He is the driving force to reduce the town’s 50 percent water loss rate. Joe provides transparency by posting a Supervisor’s Corner on the Town’s website, has initiated Town Hall work meetings with community involvement and provided his cell phone number making himself available to everyone.

Since becoming Supervisor, Joe – who is an accomplished businessman with a degree in accounting – has demonstrated his ability to manage our Town finances better than anyone. That is after all the primary responsibility of Town Supervisor.

As a Vietnam veteran who served in the U.S. Army’s 23rd Infantry Division, I also appreciate that Joe is a  U.S. Marine Corps veteran and it shows in his unrelenting work ethic.

This election should not be turned into a popularity contest because Joe’s challenger comes from a popular family, several of which are employed at the Town of Murray.

Joe’s opponent has been a town councilman for as long as Joe has been Supervisor. What are his accomplishments on the Town Board? What is his platform? He voted against healthcare reform driving up healthcare costs 24%. Why is he in favor of insuring girlfriends and boyfriends of town employees at the expense of the town’s residents? That’s fiscally irresponsible, exhibiting a more liberal than Republican value.

I’m supporting Joe because he’s the endorsed Republican candidate, because of his work ethic and proven track record as supervisor, because he is not related to anyone in Murray Town government, and because he has accomplished everything he promised to do including his tax cuts – all in his first year. He deserves a second term to continue his drive for a  better more efficient town government.

Jim Johnson