Sidonio has needed ideas to help advance the Town of Murray

Posted 10 September 2018 at 8:41 pm


To the Town of Murray voters, if Mr. Joe Sidonio had not brought to our attention the past wrongdoings going on, I am convinced nothing would have changed. The Town Board showed little or no concern to the legitimate issues brought to light.

The response to the Comptroller by the Town still haunts me: “I’m sorry you don’t like the way we do business in Murray. It works for us.”

Borrowing money between departments with no intention of paying it back. Making large expenditures without board approval. Taking money from water districts to build the addition to the town hall. What’s wrong with this? Simple. Everyone benefits from the town hall, so everyone should have paid for it, not just a few water districts. That money should have stayed within the districts to pay down your debt. A few paid for the building while the majority got off scot-free. That is unfair!

Apparently, this status quo is OK. I don’t think so. Fairness is absolute. When we see something wrong we should stop right there and correct it, not sweep it under the rug!

I am so glad that Mr. Sidonio wants to help us. He has ideas and experience to help us advance our Town. Joe is willing to go the extra mile. It’s his goal to help us, not hurt us.

I have watched Mr. Sidonio as he has taken a big interest in the youth at Orleans County 4-H, year after year. I have watched him show acts of kindness to the elderly, time after time. I have watched him help so many in quiet ways.

I conclude by saying that Joe is a good Catholic man that’s dedicated to his church, his family, friends and community.

Thank you Joe for wanting to help us. You have my vote.

David Piedmonte