Sidonio has been driven in quest for a better Murray community, his wife says

Posted 11 September 2018 at 3:23 pm


My husband, Joe Sidonio, is running for Murray town councilperson. He is a great candidate. He will do a fabulous job for all of us, with intelligence, energy and integrity. I hope that each eligible voter in the Town of Murray will consider voting for him.

One of the first topics that Joe and I ever discussed, decades ago, was rural community life – the potential joys, and the inherent challenges, of small agricultural communities. Through his work Joe has visited many towns and villages – from across New York State and the Northeast to the American West. He has seen towns that are thriving, and towns that are failing. Living here in the Town of Murray, Joe instantly invested of his time, his thought and his resources to help our town and village become an upbeat, bright place to live. He continues to do that today.

The list of Joe’s financial contributions to our community is long. It includes a wide range of projects (self funded in the most giving way) such as an essay contest and purse for a high school student, attempted to purchase the old Holley high school for a performing arts center, and organized experts for the initial studies for saving the old Holley high school building,  creative support of the Community Free Library, countywide signage for the Orleans County 4-H program, the new flooring for one of the animal barns at the county fairgrounds, the Holley June Fest, funding the study to save the stone store in Clarendon— and countless other projects.

For years Joe has been dedicated to educating himself about community development. He has taken the time to learn about issues of rural land use and soil and water, rural real property tax, agricultural districts law and rural economics. He has taken classes and attended meetings, called experts in Albany, listened, asked, and read endlessly to make sure that his viewpoints are grounded in knowledge. And in addition his university degrees are in business and accounting giving him a solid base for informed fiscal management.

Beyond this Joe has already given of himself for our town and our county by serving for 12 years on the Town of Murray and the Orleans County planning boards. For years and years he has attended every town meeting that he can make – because he is interested! He cares! All of this giving countless hours. His running for office is yet another expression of his dedication to his community.

It is noteworthy that Joe is running for this position not to have an income but – quite the opposite – to genuinely to help. He is a contributor and not a taker. His interest is for the whole and not for himself. His vision is for a better Murray; a place where all citizens are treated with equal care and respect, a place of economic health and of natural beauty, a place with respect for its past but with the most vibrant of futures – shaped and guided with creativity, thought and insight.

The inspiration that Joe has given all of us is terrific!  What a difference he has already made in our courage to dream of a better Murray!

Amy Machamer


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