Sidonio has accomplishments for Town of Murray

Posted 27 June 2023 at 7:47 am


Murray residents will have an opportunity to choose the Republican candidates for town board and town supervisor.

This being a small community everyone knows the current board members. I would like to consider most of them friends. However, I am not voting for anybody based on friendship. I am not voting based on what people have said, or what they are promising. I will cast my votes based on results.

Based on results, Joe Sidonio has earned my vote for another term.

Before running for office, Mr. Sidonio indicated that the water department was losing gallons of water. He was called a liar. An independent auditor showed that the water department was losing more than $30,000 of water a year. The water department has taken corrective action, and we are no longer pouring money down the drain.

The rededication of the war monument in Fancher. This is saving a vital piece of history. It is action not words. Saying you support veterans is meaningless. Reminding people what our ancestors did for their country. Reminding people that they did what needed to be done, not for a reward for themselves, family, or friends, but just because it needed to be done.

The water debt was refinanced, saving Murray a significant amount of money.

Recently it has come to light that the most recent budget that Supervisor Sidonio  recommended would have resulted in a tax decrease for the residents of Murray while providing for a 3% raise for town employees. The budget that passed by the board kept the tax rate the same. This is an absolute contradiction of the values they claim to have.

These accomplishments are why I will vote for Mr. Sidonio in the primary.

I will also vote for Mr. Collyer with the hopes that he will earn that vote in the same way Mr. Sidonio has.

Thanks for your time,

David Leach