Sidonio disqualified himself from public office with racist comments in taped conversation

Posted 23 June 2023 at 1:15 pm


Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t often get involved in political or religious conversations. I know where my heart leads me and the decisions I make are based on my upbringing by two of the most respected, loving, God-fearing Christians that this world has ever known. That being said, I have also been brought up to stand up when it’s necessary and I feel compelled to speak out at this time.

I received a message that has since been published on the Murray NY Forum of Truth with the tape recordings of our Murray Town supervisor, Joe Sidonio, using some the most vulgar, derogatory, racist remarks I have ever heard about people in our town, and I am questioning why this man is still in charge as supervisor.

In my capacity as an educator, if I spoke about my co-workers, or God forbid, my students, in this way, I would be removed from my position immediately. I’m stunned to think that this man is still allowed to represent our community and make decisions about our town with the horrific way he conducts himself.

This behavior is absolutely unacceptable and so toxic for our town. To hold so many people in such disregard, and with such disrespect, and with such condemnation is abhorrent. Not only is he vulgar in his words, but his actions with regard to illegal hunting practices, and discussions of private matters from executive sessions warrant immediate dismissal from any position of leadership.

I, personally, do not want to be represented by a man who uses such vulgarity when speaking to and about his co-workers and the town board members, who uses racial slurs, and who disregards those with handicaps – both physical and mental. That is not who belongs in this office of supervisor.

A supervisor should be someone who works collaboratively with others to better the community. It should not be someone who uses bullying tactics, intimidation, or bribes to get a personal agenda passed.

It should not be someone who causes such a toxic work environment that people who have served their community for years feel the need to resign from their positions. To make your own decisions or to form your own opinions, I urge you to listen to the tape recording for yourself.

Our world is in a bad state and our community in Murray will only get worse, in my opinion, if Joe Sidonio remains as town supervisor.

Sue Rowcliffe