Sidonio critic misses on many points

Posted 19 June 2021 at 7:49 am


Finally, we have Louise Passarell’s greatly anticipated letter.

I have attended Town meetings in Murray for 21 years and have witnessed enough good old boy back slapping to make me sick. Politicians tend to praise each other continually.

Joe Sidonio is not a politician. He is a determined and focused leader who doesn’t have time to sit around the break table stirring up gossip and complaining about insignificant issues unrelated to town business.

I find it interesting that you and Dennis Mandigo are very proud of yourselves and are quick to list your achievements after Ed Morgan’s resignation. Remember he already retired years before and was double dipping. You state that Mr. Sidonio belittled the crew. When? I have witnessed him saying thank you even after your constant attacks on him which were videotaped on YouTube. Supervisor Sidonio has publicly stated he makes himself available to work with you. You refuse.

There was a comment made about the said water pipe Sidonio analyzed. Sidonio did the right thing. Without any accusation he looked into the pipe based on the strong allegation made by a current town hall member. I commend him for doing so in light of the calamity in the water department.

Louise, who gave you the authority to sign up your fellow employee’s girlfriend for health care benefits without any town approval? Now the Town is in legal jeopardy and your actions have increased costs to the taxpayer in health care expense and legal fees.

You credit everyone including yourself for the budget reductions. If the budget savings were so readily available why hasn’t any town official made any attempt to reduce our taxes in the past?

Since you seem to be the center piece of the Town Hall you neglect to reveal one important fact. Randy Bower is your first cousin, and your sister is the town clerk.

Lastly, shame on you for the attack on Joe for his hard work on the Fancher War Monument. Although Mr. Fiorito made the contribution it is Joe who assembled the “Team” and is organizing its rededication with the help of Marsha DeFilipps, Danny Mawn and Mike Bower. Shame on you for bringing politics into such a great tribute for our fallen heroes.

Art Knab