Sidonio cites accomplishments for Murray, with plans for more

Posted 24 June 2023 at 9:00 am


I entered politics to bring about change and am proud politics hasn’t changed me. There is an old political adage, “You must go along to get along” but there are some things I just can’t go along with when not in the best interest of Murray taxpayers.

Diversity and inclusivity are necessary components of good board dynamics. Differing opinions are healthy and open doors for discussion to new ideas and possibility. Town Boards must do more than pay bills and pass resolutions. They should not make decisions based upon short-term gain. Instead, they should consider the Town’s long-term future and understand the social and economic consequences of their actions. How will this affect people’s lives? Can the taxpayers afford it? What will the next generation inherit from us?

My political opponents say I have an agenda. They are right. My agenda has been clear since inception. To encourage and educate the next generation on how to become involved in local government; to end politics as usual and move Murray forward while preserving our agricultural heritage. To balance growth and development with our rural way of life with limited Government interference.

To be specific: New York State Town Law Article III is clear: the Town Supervisor has no more leadership authority than any individual board member. However, the supervisor’s primary responsibility is to act as chief financial officer in all fiscal matters. The town board, as a group, is the executive head of the town and must function as a body. There is no individual executive in town government like the mayor of a city or village.

To suggest that as Supervisor I’m doing what’s in my best interest is absurd. My family and I own farmland. We have no interest in selling or developing our properties. Our entire landholdings are committed to the NY State Certified Agricultural District program and committed to farming for 7-year periods. We have no business or commercial properties and we respect the property rights of other landowners and homeowners.

Volunteerism has been a part of my life for over 20 years serving our Country, County, and Community including Marine Corps Service, Orleans County Planning Board, Cornell Cooperative Extension Board of Directors, Town of Murray Planning Board, and the past 4 years as your Supervisor.

My 12 years at County Planning trained me in forward thinking for our community so I volunteered to serve on the Town’s 7-member Comprehensive Plan Committee.  I presented to the Town and Planning Boards a vision for boat docks in the hamlet of Hulberton and the hope for a Quarrymen’s State Park in the old Nenni Quarry on Canal Road.

We have the first Town Ag and Farmland Protection Plan in Orleans County near completion. Other towns are now following our lead considering adopting similar plans which opens funding opportunities for tourism, generating jobs and sales tax revenue while preserving our rural way of life. The Fancher War Memorial has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in Washington DC. This literally monumental group achievement has put the Town of Murray on the national map. We are not mired in mediocrity, rather our Town is leading by example.

We do have a good team of folks working at the Town Hall and there are a lot of people I work with professionally every day including other Supervisors, County and State officials. Town Government is town government. It is not to be taken lightly. It is serious business; it is not a family business. Some of the folks at the Town Hall need to realize this. We are not the private sector. We are accountable to you the taxpayers. You, the taxpayers are paying the bills. You, are the Supervisors of Town Government and that’s why we should be working for you, and not for any friends or cliques.

I am proud of our many accomplishments and am proud to be your Supervisor. Thank you for the opportunity to represent each of you.


Joseph Sidonio