Sidonio apologized for comments in secret recording, remains focused on serving town

Posted 25 June 2023 at 7:46 am


I see we’ve printed another hit piece on Joe Sidonio in regards to secret tape recordings in which Joe was enticed into saying some not-so-nice things. If I recall, the Hub interviewed Joe and he apologized for his comments and he apologized to the Town for his actions.

The one thing I don’t recall is the fact at why a person, pretending to be his friend, would stoop so low as to record Joe and then run to the Town Board boasting of his “deed.” Why would a person do this ?

I guess we’ll never know but the bottom line is it’s over. Joe Sidonio apologized publicly and it’s behind us. The tape was released over a year ago, town business is being conducted and Joe Sidonio is still working for the people of Murray.

Now the person who sent this letter in was just another hit man (woman) for those who are determined to destroy Joe. I don’t know this woman as I’ve never seen her at a Town meeting. She mentions that she heard the tapes on the “Murray NY Community for Truth forum” which is a Facebook page set up by the very same person who did the secret tape recordings. And I’d also like to mention that you are not allowed on this page unless your part of the Sidonio hater’s club. They have several of these pages, which consist mostly of town employees.

In closing, the voters know who the better candidate is and I’m sure they will do the right thing for the Town of Murray.

Mark Taylor