Sidonio wants to keep Murray moving in right direction with help of community

Posted 30 October 2021 at 9:11 am


I want every taxpayer and citizen to know that I have and will continue to work very hard for each of you. I give this job, Supervisor of the Town of Murray, every ounce of my attention, every bit of my integrity, and hours and hours of my time endeavoring to properly run the business of government.

I take the fiscal management of the Town seriously.

Expenditures of the taxpayer’s money is a balancing act between providing the essential services needed and adding value to the community to improve the lives of every resident while at the same time being conservative and efficient with your tax dollars. By applying conservative spending practices, in 2021 we reduced Murray’s tax rate by 2.1% We just approved our 2022 Preliminary Budget which reflects a reduction in our tax rate of 1.4%. That’s 3.5% of direct tax rate relief plus 1.79% in total levy reduction in my 1stterm.

To get our Town’s path forward we spent the past year and a half creating a new comprehensive master plan for our town. Purposefully taking our time to get it right because it matters for our future. This was done with professional guidance, a diverse volunteer committee and was inclusive of public opinion. It is nearing completion and adoption. Furthermore, we are reviewing our renewable energy laws to insure we are prepared as a community to address the ever-changing regulations.

We applied for a Farmland Protection Grant and were recently notified that we received the award. Murray’s Farmland Protection Plan will be the first of its kind in the County.

Water loss remains the most critical fiscal issue facing our Town. It’s a difficult and complex issue to correct. Over the last year we have analyzed the financials while the water department has mapped out a strategy to inspect every physical detail of the infrastructure. Together we have worked hard on this and have made significant progress. We are in a better position now, although the problem is not completely solved, but we will not give up. With renewed energy and ideas, we are resolved to find the failures and take corrective action, and to understand the whole.

Sustainable quality health care is the next most imperative financial issue. It is difficult and sensitive but must be addressed to ensure the ability to continue providing stability to our valued employee’s health care needs into their future.

The Fancher Memorial Re-dedication on August 14th, 2021 was joyous and brought the community together. The celebration honored that period of time; it honored the fallen soldiers; it honored the community that cared enough to build the memorial, and it honored the community now that did something special and meaningful thanks to the forward vision of the Fiorito Family. The event has renewed our commitment to history and our rededication to the principles on which America is founded and created a beautiful welcome to Murray.

I have great hope for the Town of Murray. We started something big together. It takes time to see the results of the enormous effort we have put forth. Let’s continue working together for our future. There are so many opportunities for you to become involved in Murray. Please ask us how you can help!

I humbly ask for your vote.

Joe Sidonio

Town Supervisor