Sidari deserves praise for moving Medina forward during his tenure as mayor

Posted 24 October 2023 at 10:36 am


I want to commend Mike Sidari for his service to the Village of Medina. His recent announcement of a decision not to run for re-election brings his era to a close at the end of this term.

He was elected to serve a deeply divide village after the failure of a dissolution referendum. He has worked to unite and progress the village to a good position during his administration.

Our local ambulance service is the best in the county.  Our parks are vibrant and being used. Medina has become a destination to visit in Western New York. With a national hotel chain locating here and the Bent’s Opera hotel, we have more places to welcome visitors.

Streets are being paved and water lines are being maintained (despite an aged and failing status that will be the next issue to be dealt with). Mike has also led the way with strong communication, Facebook and the txt/e-mail alert system to keep us informed.

The village web page allows reading of meeting reports and other information. He leaves with more advances on the horizon with the build out of the $4.5 million grant for downtown, a new fire hall and a much-needed new custom-built ladder truck on the way.

The next mayor will have big shoes to fill. The current progress must be maintained while watching the bottom line in a small tax base. The new mayor must partner with businesses and community organizations to further our desirability.

Thanks again Mike Sidari with your vision and achievements. You have served us well.

Dayton Hausman