Show compassion, not scorn for those eligible for stimulus checks

Posted 17 March 2021 at 8:45 am


There is an overwhelming response since the first payment was disbursed from our government, of who is going to pay all of this back, which is our money to begin with. How about instead of putting that burden on us, we hold the government to a standard of being more responsible with the money that is given to them by 200 million taxpayers?

Our defense budget just keeps growing. All the while they prey on the young to sign their life away through advertisements made to look like they’re signing up for a video game. Or flood schools in small towns where teenagers feel they have no other direction or way out. All to fight the battles the rich and power hungry have started, and continue to perpetuate by taking our money to fund the very same people they promote as our enemy.

We complain about immigrants, who come here to better their lives (the same thing we all are, but that falls on deaf ears) or for safety due to destruction a lot of times caused by us, but who are we to let go of our ego and take some responsibility for that?

We have the largest prison population in the world, compared to the country’s population, but lack of programs or processes to re-integrate people back into society. Then again why would you? It’s easier for a business to get repeat customers than it is to obtain new ones.

The banking system operates by receiving billion dollar bailouts, but shells out multi-million dollar bonuses and stock options, continuously increasing the interest rates, but pay only pennies on the dollar for our money saved or invested with them.

We bash welfare recipients, whom the majority do need that help whether they abuse it or not. Yet we don’t mind receiving praise for helping the needy, all while making sure we collect our tax write off of any charitable contributions made. Yet there is no criticism of Walmart, one of the largest bribers (politically correct term being lobbyist) for welfare programs since it makes billions of dollars from said programs. And we don’t even bat an eye at the hundreds of billions of welfare dollars (profitable) corporations receive through subsidies, tax breaks and credits.

Meanwhile programs and sectors that benefit society on a whole – infrastructure, education, healthcare, all of our social services are grossly lacking in a multitude of resources.

What I am trying to boil this down to is I find myself having a bit more compassion for the people who work hard for their $75,000 and receive a $2,000 payment in the Covid stimulus that would make a difference in their bottom line. A hardship experienced today may not be felt until tomorrow.

Clearly, there are many of these points that I and many others are not experts in, but a lot of times I do not think you need to be an expert to see past the veil that has been draped in front of us.

Nicole Zelazny

Buffalo (formerly of Medina)