Sheriff’s Office pursuing grant for defibrillators for patrol cars, will start ‘Shop with a Cop’

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 26 July 2019 at 2:09 pm

ALBION – The Orleans County Sheriff’s Office is applying for a grant to cover the costs of 11 defibrillators for all the patrol cars.

The Sheriff’s Office is applying to the Greater Rochester Health Foundation for $11,627, which would buy portable automated external defibrillators for patrol vehicles and marine units, providing immediate assistance during cardiac emergencies.

The Albion and Holley police departments last year used an $11,700 grant to buy 11 defibrillators. The Greater Rochester Health Foundation paid for those defibrillators for patrol cars, as well as one for the police stations.

Roland Nenni, police chief for both departments, said the Albion and Holley officers go to EMS and fire calls, often the first on the scene. Nenni said the officers often have been the first to respond when someone is in cardiac arrest. Having the defibrillators will increase the chances of saving people having a heart attack. Without a defibrillator, officers can only provide CPR for someone in cardiac arrest.

The Sheriff’s Office last year used a $3,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation to buy two defibrillators, one each at the Public Safety Building and the Animal Shelter. Those units have metal boxes and training instructions.

This year, the Sheriff’s Office applied to the Walmart Foundation to start a “Shop with a Cop” program during the holiday season.

The County Legislature on Wednesday accepted the $3,000 grant from Walmart. Sheriff Randy Bower said he expects the Sheriff’s Office will work with the Department of Social Services to pick children for the program, where law enforcement will join children in selecting toys at Walmart.

Bower said many law enforcement agencies run “Shop with a Cop” programs, and the efforts help build positive relationships between law enforcement officers and local families.

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