Sheriff’s deputies grateful for kind gestures from community

Posted 12 December 2018 at 11:34 am


The Orleans County Deputy Sheriff’s Association wanted to write a letter to just express how lucky we, as police officers, are to be in this community. It is a great feeling when you’re walking out of a store after a call and someone thanks you for your service or smiles and tells you to be safe. The amount of respect and caring that is shown to us by Orleans County residents is nothing short of wonderful.

That being said, we thought that it was especially important to share something that has been happening more often, especially as the Christmas season approaches. Multiple times now, our officers have finished a meal or pulled up to pay for their coffee and sandwich and someone has already covered the bill and continued on without saying a word.

We wanted to just let those people know that a handshake or a hello/thank you alone makes our day; to have someone spend their hard earned money to buy us dinner or coffee is unnecessary, but truly appreciated. Some days in law enforcement can be tough, given the types of calls we respond to or the volume of calls that keeps us away from dinner until well after others have gone to bed.

The selfless acts of kindness by the members of the community we serve need to be recognized. Since we didn’t have the chance to tell most of these people in person, a heartfelt thank you to you all for your kind words and deeds.

We appreciate all the community does for us and we would like to wish everyone the happiest of holidays.


The Orleans County Deputy Sheriff’s Association