Sheriff asks residents to keep snow out of streets and clear of hydrants

Posted 13 February 2015 at 12:00 am

Photo by Tom Rivers – This fire hydrant at the corner of East State and Platt streets in Albion is among the many that could use some shoveling to make it more accessible in case it was needed by firefighters.

Press Release, Orleans County Sheriff Scott Hess

ALBION – The Orleans County Sheriff’s Office would like to caution residents and snow plow contractors that it is against the law to plow snow into public streets or roadways.

Section 1219 of the New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law specifically prohibits placing glass or other injurious substances on streets or roadways. Subdivision (a) of that same section includes SNOW as an “injurious substance.”

If you are pushing snow out of a driveway and across the public street or roadway – Subdivision (b) of that same section requires you to remove ALL the snow from the street or roadway IMMEDIATELY.

The Orleans County Sheriff’s Office, in cooperation with all local fire departments, would like to encourage all residents to adopt a fire hydrant. Each time you’re removing snow from your driveway and/or sidewalk, take a few moments to also clear the snow away from the nearest fire hydrant.

When fire strikes, time is precious! By shoveling out that hydrant, you provide a valuable and necessary service to your fire department, your community, your neighborhood and yourself.