Sheriff, Legislature leader thank volunteers on Police Reform Committee

Posted 14 May 2021 at 1:38 pm


The Orleans County Legislature would like to thank the Police Reform Committee volunteer members: Trellis Pore, James White, Margarita Aldaco, Eddie English and Thaddeus Nauden.

Each community member that served gave concerns and input from our community members pursuant to requirement of Executive Order 203: New York State Police Reform and Reinvention collaborative. This committee met for two months, holding five in-person meetings and two meetings via Zoom to gather input from the public.

The members offered the knowledge, experience and professional judgement, combined with data, analysis and research to develop our Sheriff’s Office policing strategies, policies and procedures to accomplish compliance for the New York State Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative.

Each volunteer offered knowledge through each of their various community and/or professional knowledge. Trellis Pore handled the use of force which is governed by New York State Penal Law Article 35; as he is certified use of force and training instructor with NYSDOCS. Mr. Pore also gave insight on corrections programs, discrimination, anti-bias policies, trainings, community-based outreach and conflict resolution. As a reverend he also has great insight of community issues.

As a member of the Marine Patrol Division, James White provided skills through de-escalation training with Law Enforcement Academy Trainings, curriculum content, deployments, policies & procedures.

Margarita Aldaco contributed restorative justice through her advocating for victims as a program administrator of the PathStone Domestic Violence Program. She also provides Spanish interpretation, works with community-based outreach and conflict resolution.

Thaddeus Nauden supplied awareness on how to handle discrimination through his community-based outreach and conflict resolution skills, anti-bias policies. Mr. Nauden is a Vietnam veteran and represented the senior citizens of the county.

Eddie English contributed input on discrimination as a participant of community-based outreach and conflict resolution, anti-bias policies. Mr. English is also a Pastor of the Lord’s House.

As participants each of these individuals proved to be a great asset and was very helpful in the discovery of community needs during this process keeping the committee’s goals on track and moving forward.

We want to thank the wonderful Advisory committee members for their vital insights, perspectives and leadership in creating a plan that is the beginning of reform and reinvention, not the end.

Lynne M. Johnson, Chairman of the Legislature

Chris Bourke, Orleans County Sheriff