Shelby trying to create 2 new water districts

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 20 August 2013 at 12:00 am

SHELBY – The town is working to create two new water districts that would bring public water to rural areas of the town that have been plagued by poor water quality and quantity.

The town has had well water tested in water districts no. 10 and 11, which haven’t been formally created yet.

“There’s bad water in both of them,” said Mike Fuller, the town highway superintendent, who also oversees the water districts.

The town will pursue grant and low-interest loan funding for the projects through the federal Rural Development Agency.

The town has identified about 30 houses for Water District No. 10, which would run along portions of West Lee, Shelby Basin, Possum, Podunk and East Shelby roads, as well as one house on Smith Road.

Water District No. 11 includes about 50 homes on portions of Bigford, Harrison, Edwards and Creek roads.

The town will have public hearings on the projects once it has financial projections on the costs of the districts. Residents in the districts will know the annual expense per home for the debt service as well as an average water bill.

Shelby officials are working to complete the pre-eligibility requirements for financing through Rural Development. Once the town knows the size of a grant, as well as the costs of each district, it can calculate costs for the two districts’ property owners.