Shelby resident applied to be on Planning Board but never heard back from town

Posted 27 March 2018 at 10:36 pm


In December an opening for the position on the Town Planning Board was advertised. I submitted my letter to the Planning Board and Shelby Town Board on January 4th. I did this when I learned at the meeting Planning Board members chose not to meet with one person, Mr. Pratt. And that the Town Board was recommending he be appointed to the Planning Board. Shouldn’t the Planning Board meet the candidate?

I thought they might be rushing the process because they didn’t have enough applicants, so I submitted a letter for the position myself. Although my submission was sent past the December 22nd deadline, I went out of my way to be respectful to each town councilman and Planning Board member and asked if it was possible for them to consider my submission.

My letter was faxed to the town hall on January 4th, copies were delivered there by hand for each member and also sent certified mail. The board appointed Mr. Pratt to the Planning Board on January 9th. To this day, there has been no acknowledgement of my letters by anyone.

The agricultural community has not been represented in local government in Shelby for most of the years the former supervisor ran the town. Town Law 271 includes a provision for the appointment of an agricultural member to the Planning Board. It is not mandatory but suggested for towns like ours with agricultural districts to “include on the Planning Board one of more members each of whom derives ten thousand dollars or more annual gross income from agricultural pursuits in said town.” That’s taken directly from Town Law 271. I respectfully brought this suggestion to the attention of the town and planning boards.

I attend meetings regularly. And, believe it or not, everything in my life is not about the quarry. And I understand if some people think I may have a conflict of interest due to the quarry, but could you give me the respect of asking me about it? All the board had to do was give everyone a few minutes of their time.

Edward M. Zelazny