Shelby Republican committee member backs brother, says committee used name without his permission

Posted 17 June 2021 at 7:25 am


In response to the Shelby Republican committee letter to the editor on the Orleans Hub, as a voting Shelby Republican Committee member my name was listed on the endorsed candidate letter without my knowledge.

The lack of transparency among the committee was purposefully done to confuse voters. I tried to stay neutral as part of my committeemen duties, however, this last ditch tactic is not right and is certainly unacceptable.

Let the record be clear, I fully support my brother Eddie Zelazny, for Town of Shelby Councilman. Period. 100%. He brings the kind of commitment, fairness, and trust we need in Town government.

I know for a fact that Eddie will look out for the best interests of the Town every day. He’s the kind of man who makes a deal with a handshake and honors it. He’s the kind of person who despises backroom negotiations. He’s the type of individual who has the guts to say you’re just putting lipstick on a pig. This is exactly what we’ve been missing in Town, someone who represents us and someone who brings our voice to the forefront.

This “fake news” letter was intended to make you think, that I was not behind Eddie. You see the signs in Town, you can’t miss them, and clearly I support him! Truth be told, Eddie contacted the Shelby Republican Secretary and inquired about getting his name on the ballot. It was then stated that it was past the deadline and he could not be in the primary. Complete and utter lie. He is proudly on the ballot as a lifelong Republican. You will see his name and I encourage you to vote for him. Kind of sounds familiar, like the when the Establishment tried to stop President Trump, doesn’t it?

My brother Eddie, or any other person, has the right to run for a public position. No individual should be deterred or misled this way from any town committee. The Establishment doesn’t get to dictate our voice, politicians work for us!

Town committee members need to speak up and condemn this type of action.

James Zelazny

Town of Shelby Republican Committee member