Shelby Republican chairman responds to ‘slanderous’ comments from board member

Posted 23 June 2024 at 9:29 pm


As the chairman of the Shelby Republican Committee I write to you for the purpose of setting the record straight. I would be happy to answer any questions about my statements.

In response to the article written by Eddie Zelazny. He states, “now seeing the shadows of corruption in our local system.” If there is corruption as he states then he and his brother have been a part of that corruption for the last four years. One is a town council member, and the other sits on the Shelby Republican Committee.

Mr. Zelazny continues with, “the committee has never strayed away from their ‘friends and family’ program of power.” Again one brother town council member, and one brother on the Republican Committee. Currently no one is related on the committee or to an elected official in the Town of Shelby excdept Mr. Zelazny and his brother.

Mr. Zelazny further states, “Why can’t we have a stringent code of ethics that prevents people from serving on the political committee and serving town office?” As Ed stated in his letter “because absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Which is apparent as he vehemently opposed and voted against the current Town Board’s  passing a code of ethics (vote held on 12/12/23 resolution 103-23), holding elected officials to a higher standard. According to NYS Board of Elections lead council, it is illegal to strip the rights of residents who wish to participate in either aspect and or together.

If you connect the dots, not long ago there was a lawsuit in our town over a mining proposal and the town won. Shortly after, one brother became a council member, the other was already a committee member. Maybe if they flip the committee with their “new friends and family program of power” this “new energy for an old system” being proposed could shape future endorsements for Town Council candidates.

I can understand supporting candidates, but the prior council member Mr. Zelazny is supporting was also a member of the Shelby Republican Committee – John Pratt is not a new beginning. Mr. Pratt insisted all possible candidates running live in the district they were to represent.

When John was not endorsed for re-election as Town Council member, he immediately resigned from the Republican Committee. Now all of the sudden he wants back on the committee in a district he doesn’t live in. All of this after he and Mr. Zelazny violated town law in not following the proper budgetary process by pushing for and voting three times to give the ex-council member’s sister-in-law a raise.

Where is the corruption you are alluding to Eddie? How are committee members “elitists”? Right now the committee conducts interviews and votes on endorsements prior to the passing of petitions. How will you change the vetting process?

In conclusion, come up with the proof right now, or publicly apologize for your false, irresponsible and slanderous comments about current Shelby Republican Committee members.

Thank you,

Dale S. Root

Chairman of the Shelby Republican Committee