Shelby property owners should fight town zoning proposal

Posted 17 September 2016 at 12:22 pm


You people in Shelby better wake up. You are getting agenda 21 shoved down your throat. Comprehensive plans are very, very bad. We tried to warn you back in 2002 when they were putting this together but no one would listen. It is a living document and put in the hands of tyrants is as dangerous as playing Russian Roulette with a semi-automatic.

How’s it working out for you now in 2016? You are way less free and you can’t do anything with your property without permission, NOTHING. The radical environmentalists love using it to control your land. You need to educate yourself on this UN mandate that is being imposed throughout the USA since George Bush Senior was president. Sadly our representatives are clueless (smart people behaving incredibly dumb) and gleefully in some cases shoving this down our throats especially when there’s grant money involved.

It has infected every county in the country and your Town Board is deeply infected with it. Your town is the worst next to Ridgeway when it comes to oppressive regulation. You land owners need to step up and run against every member of your board and change them. They have been there way to long especially your Supervisor. This is what happens when politicians make a career of the job.

They are proposing through zoning taking your land. Did you ever imagine this in the USA? Eventually it will be worthless other than being turned into a wilderness zone that you won’t even be able to set foot on. You all are partly to blame by letting these people do all the oppressive things they have done over the years and not stopping them because it didn’t affect you. When you hear them talk about “sustainability” and “Environmental and Social Justice” Red Flags must go up in your mind. It is agenda 21.

You need to ask them what is sustainable? Your farm is not, your airport is not, industry is not, golf courses and a long list of what makes our lives convenient are not. Basically the modern American way of life is not. Humanity is not. The environment before all things, first. You environmentalists need to wake up to because your quiet country way of life is also unsustainable just by the fact of you being there. Wake up and stop being a tool.

All the businesses and land uses that they want to regulate are just as much a part of a community as the grocery store, the tavern, the restaurant and hardware store. Somewhere along the line these businesses became a dirty word. We don’t want them around us but without those vital community businesses nothing would get built or the undesirable things we all can’t bear to have to look at would have nowhere to go. Sorry but a healthy community is made up of all those things even the ones we don’t like.

Paul Lauricella