Shelby officials thanked for trying to protect refuge

Posted 17 September 2016 at 12:30 pm


I would like to thank the Shelby Town Board for their vision in proposing Local Law No. 2 for the Wildlife Refuge Protection Overlay District.

It is vitally important to protect the Iroquois Wildlife Refuge from inappropriate land uses in its vicinity. Far too many times we have seen reckless industrial “development” lay waste to natural habitat.

This has been done in the name of “rights of landowners”, “need for jobs”, “progress”, and other such smokescreens. What it boils down to is short-sighted greed, pure and simple.

Town government directly represents the people, and your common sense is very much appreciated.

I would also add the Wildlife Refuge belongs to everyone. Land ownership is not a right to be a poor steward. Let’s not allow human arrogance to harm this special remaining piece of our natural world.


Al Capurso