Shelby GOP has many reasons for supporting Wilkins on Town Board

Posted 29 October 2020 at 12:52 pm


I am writing to urge support for Shelby Town Council candidate Ryan Wilkins. Ryan has been a Village of Medina resident for 47 of the last 49 years, and Ryan has been a resident of the Town of Shelby for 45 of the last 49 years.

The Shelby Town Board has not had a Village of Medina resident as a member since 2017. When interviewed here is what the committee saw in Ryan:

• Being a Village of Medina resident, Ryan would be able to share with the Town Board a village perspective.

• Ryan does not have any family members seated on the current Town Board.

• Ryan would like to expand the current “shared services” with the village and other area municipalities (water savings, shared fuel farm, cooperation of labor force).

• Ryan would like to ensure the best value is received from the money taxpayers pay in taxes to the Town of Shelby.

• Ryan would like to explore enhancing resident’s services without creating additional tax burden.

• Ryan would like to explore the creation of a regional ambulance service by enhancing the services provided by the Village of Medina.

These are a few of the many reasons Ryan received the Republican endorsement from the Shelby Republican Committee.

Skip Draper


Former Shelby Republican Chairman