Shelby goes tobacco-free at town hall property

Posted 16 January 2019 at 3:07 pm

Provided photo: Shelby Town Supervisor Ed Houseknecht and bookkeeper Miranda Bennett say the decision to declare tobacco-free grounds was to protect the health of all citizens, especially cancer survivors.

Press Release, Tobacco-Free GLOW

SHELBY – Each January, roughly one in three Americans resolve to improve their health in some way. This January, the Town of Shelby made good on a healthy, tobacco-free grounds resolution that will benefit the entire community for 2019 and beyond.

The new law, which was drafted by town bookkeeper, Miranda Bennett, and submitted to the Town Board by recently elected Town Supervisor Ed Houseknecht, prohibits the use of tobacco products on town grounds. Town Board members Kenneth Schaal, Stephen Seitz, William Bacon and Jeff Smith passed the resolution unanimously.

As of Jan. 1, there will be no smoking on the Shelby Town Hall grounds, which also serves at the town court for Shelby and Ridgeway.

The decision to make the grounds smoke-free was simple, according to Houseknecht.

“There are cancer survivors in our community, some awaiting to appear in court and some who are Shelby Town staff, who are required to walk into the doors past smokers,” he said. “Second hand smoke is a risk for these folks. They shouldn’t have to walk through a cloud of smoke to come to work or come in and wait for court.”

For more information on how to make your municipality or business smoke-free, contact Tobacco-Free GLOW at 585-219-4064.

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