Shelby councilman urges support for 2 incumbent board members

Posted 10 June 2021 at 9:19 am


You might have noticed that political signs are popping up in people’s yards lately. They are even on the side of The Orleans Hub as you read this article. It is officially primary season!

Why should you care about the primaries? Well anytime you can exercise your right to vote, you should. The right to vote is important, it is your opportunity of having a say in what the government does. Voting is a chance to select the person who will represent your beliefs and vision for government.

Primaries are the first step in the process of electing a candidate running for office. Primaries are held to see who will be nominated from his/her political party for the general election in November and are one of the most important phases of the election process. It gives everyone the ability to decide who the best candidate is.

In this year’s primary, there are two Town of Shelby councilperson positions available and I think that William Bacon and Steve Seitz, Sr. are the best candidates for these positions. I have had the pleasure of working with both gentlemen on the Town of Shelby Board since last August.

The amount of experience and knowledge that they bring to the board is immeasurable and has made my first year on the board an incredible learning experience. These men are very approachable to discuss questions and concerns and always represent the best interests of the residents of the Town of Shelby.

These two gentlemen need to be able to continue their work so that the board can continue to be a cohesive and collaborative unit for the Town of Shelby.

Early voting starts on June 12 and continues through June 20. The actual primary day is June 22.  Each and every vote counts, so please take the time to get out, get involved, and vote.

Ryan Wilkins

Town of Shelby Councilperson