Shelby councilman seeks to stay on Town Board without mudslinging

Posted 2 November 2020 at 6:10 pm


A Town of Shelby Councilman position opened in the summer after Councilman Jeff Smith was appointed to take over after Ed Houseknecht resigned the Town Supervisor’s position.

When the position on the board came up, I filled out the application and did several in-person interviews and several phone interviews. The position was put to a vote and it was awarded to me. I was sworn in as a councilman at the August board meeting and I have been serving the town faithfully since.

As part of being appointed to the position I knew that I would have to run and win the election in November to serve out the last three years of the term.

I am not a politician. I have never been in office, my Uncle Don (Kennedy) was on the Village of Medina Board and briefly served as Mayor of Medina. I do not have political alias, nor do I have anyone trying to do favors for me to get me into office.

I do not owe anyone anything and no one owes me anything. I have tried to be a person that looks at the situation and makes sound rational decisions. I just want to do what is best for the Town of Shelby and since I was appointed to the board in August, I believe I have.

I will not engage in mudslinging, politics as usual, backdoor politics, public gamesmanship, or any of the drama that surrounds elections. That is not who I am. Anyone that knows me, knows that I will tell it how it is. I am a straight shooter. If you want to know where I stand on an issue just ask, I will tell you. If I win this election, I will win it because I am the better man to represent the Town of Shelby.

I would like to thank Pat Eick and Skip Draper, of the Shelby Republican Committee, for your endorsement and for having the confidence in me to continue to represent the Town of Shelby.  I would also like to thank Town of Shelby Superintendent Jeff Smith, Highway Superintendent Dale Root, Board member William Bacon and Board member Steven Seitz for your support, help and guidance since being appointed.  I hope to continue to work with everyone.

Good luck to everyone and make sure to get out and vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Ryan Wilkins

Republican-endorsed candidate for Shelby Town Councilman