Shelby councilman says shared services can reduce village tax burden

Posted 19 January 2015 at 12:00 am


If dissolution and consolidation made sense, and a good plan was put together, I would be the first one out there promoting it. The dissolution plan does not do that.

I cannot stand behind a plan that is blatantly incorrect. Whether you like me or not, or the stance the towns have taken on this, I have to stand by what I know to be right. The dissolution plan is not worth the paper it is written on and every board member in Shelby and Ridgeway is in full agreement.

Our community is being torn apart due to one man’s agenda, his combativeness, pride, refusal to acknowledge the towns and the concept that we might have better ways to reduce taxes for our constituents, without dividing a community.

We were told this week that “hiring a media consultant is what rich people do when they are trying to hide the truth” but I stand by all of our decisions and hiring our consultant, with deep roots in the area, is what real people do when they need the truth to come out and they aren’t getting a fair shake.

If villagers enjoy their level of services, especially fire, ambulance and police protection, you should VOTE NO to dissolution because I cannot guarantee you will be able to enjoy them as you do now, if the village is dissolved.

I’m no attorney. I’m just a regular guy who just wants to do the right thing here.

As a father, businessman and town councilman, I am committed to the long-term vitality of Medina.

I am confident, that with the support of so many like-minded residents on Tuesday, along with those village trustees who also support shared services, that we can effectively reduce the tax burden without the finality of dissolution.

Please consider this when you vote.

Steve Seitz
Shelby Town Board member