Shelby candidate says GOP Committee tried to keep him off ballot and misled voters

Posted 21 June 2021 at 8:19 am


There’s no reason to get in this back and forth, to the point where the local Republican Party is trying to send a corrected press release with slightly less falsehoods throughout it.

No one throughout this campaign has condemned the Republican Party for their endorsements prior to my decision to run for Councilman. In fact, I’m sure they had conversations on issuing a supporting press release for incumbents back in late January. I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on this. The issues begin afterword.

Shortly thereafter, I spoke with the Republican Committee Secretary to inquire about running for office. I was told specifically it was too late to get on the ballot. After kicking myself for having to first check with family, I decided to do a little research. I found out that I COULD be on the ballot. I then went out and got the necessary signatures to be a viable candidate on the Republican line this June 22nd. My name will be on the ballot right next to the two incumbents. So why try and keep me off?

The local Republican committee knew I could still pass petitions and yet I was purposely misled. The local Republican Party knew once petitions were filed that there was a Republican primary. They knew that their conversation in late January is no longer relevant. They knew their press release signifying unity was done solely to confuse voters. At no point did the committee reconvene to discuss the support for the incumbents or myself.

Enough with the deceit. The issues lie in the fact that we lack transparency in local government. Budgets are broken, our taxes go up, and the only solution offered is to keep assessing our property.

Let this sink in, the Town of Shelby will spend more on Buffalo attorneys than road repairs! We pay over five times more for these attorneys than the Town of Ridgeway! Attorney fees have grown nearly forty percent (40%) since 2018! Lastly, they proposed another town-wide assessment to offset their recklessness. The only solution proposed by the two incumbents is to raise taxes. How about cut back on unnecessary spending!? The reason our taxes escalate year after year is due to this lack of transparency.

The problem doesn’t lie in the timeline Chairwomen Eick, it’s that our local government has ignored the voice of the people. I am Eddie Zelazny, a husband, father to three, and lifelong Republican. I will stand up for what is right and champion the voice of our community. Please consider supporting me on June 22nd.

God Bless,

Eddie Zelazny


Candidate for Town of Shelby Council