Shampine says she takes job of county clerk very seriously

Posted 1 November 2020 at 8:28 pm


For 19 years, I have worked in the Orleans County Clerk’s Office serving our residents with respect and competency. It is an immense source of pride in my life to serve as your Acting County Clerk and I take my appointment seriously.

My staff and I strive to provide excellent customer service to the residents of Orleans County, and I believe we are doing just that. My desire is to continue serving Orleans County residents as your elected County Clerk for many years to come.

Regardless of occupation, the ability of a supervisor to be able to work beside or in place of any worker which they are tasked to oversee is important. Anyone who has had a boss that knew less about their job than they did will understand this implicitly. Unfortunately, it seems this concept has been falling by the wayside over the years. Too many people feel their ability to simply delegate responsibility is in itself all the qualification necessary for any particular managerial position.

The possibility that I would one day be thrust into the political arena had never crossed my mind, and in hindsight I was quite naïve as to how the process actually worked. Exactly one year ago to the day, a small group of friends gathered together at my house for what has become a tradition during Trick or Treating, “the Halloween Lasagna”, and it was that night the first utterance of a possible campaign escaped my lips.

Although not one person in the room had ever before been personally involved in a political campaign, the idea was met with a high level of enthusiasm. A truck driver became a “Campaign Manager”, a boyfriend became a trusted consultant/helper/companion, and a worker became a candidate. Completely lacking experience in the political arena, we collectively learned the basics of a political endeavor as we muddled through a stressful, exhausting campaign.

And now just days before November 3rd, I now share with them a delicious pan of lasagna as thanks for all their hard work and effort.

For the last eight weeks, the blessing of beautiful weather afforded the opportunity to walk and visit the voters in every township in Orleans County on the weekends. Although some would have you think I have spoken harshly against my opponent, I assure you that I have not spread a single unkind word. My only focus has been to tell the voters of my experience and the many years I served in the County Clerk’s Office. That has been my focus from the very start of this campaign.

I ask every voter, every Republican, Democrat, Conservative and Independent, please exercise your right to vote in this 2020 election. Is it important to our country, state and county. Regardless of the outcome of the County Clerk race, I remain proud of the campaign that I have run and grateful to those who have supported me along the way.

Diane L. Shampine