Shampine has risen to challenge in leading County Clerk’s office during pandemic

Posted 31 October 2020 at 9:19 pm


As a group of Orleans County Democrats, we are writing this in support of Diane (Bower) Shampine who’s running for Orleans County Clerk.

Our primary reason, as Democrats, for strongly endorsing Diane Shampine is her extensive experience in working in the Clerk’s Office. She’s been a file clerk, appointed Deputy Clerk and since January 2020, she has been the acting Orleans County Clerk.

At any time, a person with Diane Shampine’s experience would be an expected choice for a demanding position such as County Clerk. During the pandemic, it has been an additional challenge to continue to serve the residents of this county but Diane Shampine has risen to that challenge.

We urge you voters who are still to cast your ballot to look to the Conservative Party line candidate and please vote for the only candidate with the experience necessary to efficiently and effectively run the Orleans County Clerk’s office and that person is Diane Shampine.

Thank you.

Mary Beth Lindsay, Clarendon

Nate Lindsay, Clarendon

Debbie Monacelli, Village of Holley

Mark Monacelli, Village of Holley

Anne Smith, Clarendon

Lynn Vendetti, Fancher

Mark Bower, Village of Holley