Several towns have contested races, including for supervisor in Murray, Ridgeway

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 5 April 2019 at 9:44 pm

ALBION – Candidates for town elected positions turned in their petitions to run for elected office this week, with several races taking shape.

In Ridgeway, three candidates are running for town supervisor. Brian Napoli, the incumbent, is challenged by current town councilman David Stalker, owner of Medina Taxi, and Michael Maak, who retired as a captain with the Medina Fire Department.

Napoli and Stalker will square off in a June 25 Republican primary. Stalker also has the Conservative Party line. Maak is running under the Democrat Party line.

Murray also will have a rematch for town supervisor with incumbent Robert Miller facing Joe Sidonio. Miller won a close election over Sidonio in November 2017, in a race separated by 6 votes. Both have submitted petitions for the Republican and Independence parties. Sidonio also has the Conservative Party line.

Murray also has contested races for the two Town Council positions with Dirk Lammes trying to unseat either Lloyd Christ Jr. or Neil Valentine.

In Barre, Kerri Richardson, leader of Clear Skies Above Barre, submitted petitions to run for the Barre Town Board under the Conservative Party line. She is among four candidates seeking a spot on the board against Republican candidates Bradlee Driesel and Margaret Swan, and Democrat LuAnn Tierney. None of the four candidates is currently on the board.

In Gaines, Ron Mannella is retiring as highway superintendent after this year. However, he wants to serve on the Town Board. He is one of three candidates for two positions. Mannella submitted petitions for the Republican line. So did Corey Black. Mary Neilans has the Conservative line. Mark Radzinski is running to succeed Mannella as highway superintendent.

Here is a list of the candidates who submitted petitions in the 10 towns. The deadline to turn in petitions was Thursday at the Orleans County Board of Elections. There is a chance any of the petitions submitted this week could be challenged, and the election commissioners could decide the petitions aren’t valid. Some the petitions aren’t final.

(R = Republican, D = Democrat, C = Conservative, I = Independence, WF = Working Families)

Town of Albion

Town Supervisor: Richard Remley (R)

Town Council: Darlene Benton (D), Terry Wilbert (D)

Highway Superintendent: Michael Neidert (R, D)

Town Clerk: Sarah Basinait (R)

Town of Barre

Town Supervisor: Sean Pogue (R, I)

Town Board (elect 2): Bradlee Driesel (R, I), Margaret Swan (R, I), LuAnn Tierney (D) and Kerri Richardson (C)

Highway Superintendent: Dale Brooks (R)

Town Justice: Rick Root (D)

Town Clerk: Maureen Beach (D)

Town of Carlton

Town Supervisor: Gayle Ashbery (R)

Town Council members: Dana Woolston (R) and John Fitzak (R)

Town Justice: Patricia Russell (R)

Town of Clarendon

Town Supervisor: Richard Moy (R)

Town Council: Allen Robinson (R) and Bruce Hovey (R)

Highway Superintendent (elect 1): Tracy Bruce Chalker (R, C) and Robert J. Frieda (R)

Town Justice: Thomas DiFante (R)

Town Clerk: Susan Colby (R)

Town of Gaines

Town Supervisor: Joseph Grube (R)

Town Council members (elect 2): Corey Black (R), Ronald Mannella (R) and Mary Neilans (C)

Highway Superintendent: Mark Radzinski (R)

Town of Kendall

Town Supervisor: Anthony Cammarata (R)

Town Council: Barbara Flow (R), Margaret Lynn Szozda (R)

Highway superintendent: Warren Kruger (R)

Town of Murray

Town Supervisor (elect 1): Robert Miller (R, I), Joe Sidonio (R, C, I)

Town Council members (elect 2): Lloyd Christ, Jr. (R, I) Neil Valentine (R, I) and Dirk Lammes (R, C)

Town of Ridgeway

Town Supervisor (elect 1): David Stalker (R, C), Brian Napoli (R) and Michael Maak (D)

Town Council members (elect 2): Sarah Fisher (R), Mary Woodruff (R) and Duane Payne (R)

Highway superintendent: John Olinger (R)

Town Justice: Joseph Kujawa (R)

Town of Shelby

Town Supervisor: Edward Houseknecht (R),

Town Council members: Jeffrey Smith (R) and John Pratt III (R)

Highway superintendent (elect 1): Michael Fuller (R, D) and Dale Root (R, C)

Town Justice (elect 1): Dawn Keppler (R) and Mark Wambach (C, WF)

Town Clerk: Darlene Rich (D)

Town of Yates 

Town Supervisor: James Simon (R)

Town Council members: John Riggi (R) and Susan Hrovat (R)

Highway superintendent: Roger Wolfe (R)

Town Clerk: Michelle Harling (R)

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