Setting sail for Lake Ontario

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 7 October 2013 at 12:00 am

Bill and Marlee Diehl have been out 75 times so far this year

LAKE ONTARIO – Bill and Marlee Diehl were out on Lake Ontario for the 75th time on Sunday afternoon. This time they brought along my 7-year-old daughter and me.

I know the Diehls through the Albion Rotary Club. They are hard-working members of the club, taking on all kinds of thankless tasks.

It was nice to have a little getaway yesterday, and see the Point Breeze sites, including people fishing from the piers, from the vantage point of a boat.

Last year the Diehls got out 110 times. The weather was better for sailing in 2012. There were fewer choppy days. Yesterday was a choppy day. I was feeling a little seasick while my daughter calmly sat and munched on some snacks.

The Diehls are looking forward to having the harbor dredged. That is scheduled for next year. The Oak Orchard hasn’t been dredged in a decade, and some spots in the channel and near the break wall have filled with sand, causing some boats to get stuck. That happened to the Diehls before.

The couple lives on Archbald Road. They like the close-knit Point Breeze community. They greeted many of the other boaters while they passed each other on the river.

The Diehls only have about a week of sailing left before they put the boat away for the winter.