Sentencing delayed for students charged with conspiracy at Albion Middle School

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 26 February 2020 at 8:12 am

ALBION – Sentencing has been delayed about a month for three students who have pleaded guilty to conspiracy for plotting to attack the Albion Middle School.

The case is being handled in Orleans County Family Court. Judge Sanford Church on Tuesday pushed back the sentencing because he wants additional mental health evaluations for the students.

The three were charged on Nov. 7 after an alleged plot to bring weapons to the school and harm classmates.

Two of the boys have pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the second degree, and one of those boys also pleaded guilty to aggravated harassment for sending a “disturbing image” to a female classmate, said Joe Cardone, the district attorney.

A third boy in an alleged plot pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the sixth degree.

There are no sentencing promises as part of the plea agreements. The judge could decide the boys need to be detained at a juvenile detention facility, or he could give them a lesser punishment of perhaps probation.

The boys are currently not allowed back in school. They are being tutored off site.

Because the three boys are all juveniles at age 13 their names aren’t to be publicized by the media.

Sentencing has tentatively been set for March 31.

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