Senior Day is an extra special one for the Albion tennis team

Contributed Story Posted 17 May 2014 at 12:00 am

Contributed Photo – The senior menbers of the Albion tennis squad honor the memory of Nick Kovaleski who would have been a senior this year. The seniors include Ben Kirby. Taylor Mager, Andrew Burroughs, Zach Scanlon, Kali Benjovesky and Chris Tabor.

The members of the Albion tennis team took the opportunity on their Senior Day this past Wednesday to honor Coach Jay Kovaleski and his deceased son, Nicholas.

Nick, an Albion tennis player who passed away his freshman year from leukemia, would have been a senior this year.

The team included Nick in each event of Senior Day.

The younger players on the team made corsages, with orange ribbon in honor of leukemia awareness, and surprised the seniors with them to wear for the day, making one for Nick and presenting it to Coach Kovaleski to wear.   The rest of the of the team all wore orange ribbons.

The entire team, as a surprise to Coach Kovaleski, all purchased orange Nike socks to wear for the match.  They all arrived at the court with the socks on and presented Coach Kovaleski and his son Matthew with a pair as well.

Contributed Photo – Coach Jay Kovaleski thanks his team during the Purple Eagles Senior Day.

The  younger players also made posters for the seniors and had them hung up on the court.

Coach Kovaleski’s team motto is “Play with Purpose”.   Nick’s motto was “Live with Purpose”.   The younger players also made the team motto sign for the court for the event that is shown in the top photo.

“It was such a touching display of heartfelt warmth that this great group of kids did to honor their coach and his son,” said Brenda Benjovesky, who is the mother of three of the Albion players.   “Even though the match  was rained out, the players were so incredibly thoughtful.  The entire team participated in the heartwarming activity.