Selfish Americans who deny facts have put democracy in danger

Posted 6 January 2022 at 9:46 am


A year ago Blue Lives did not matter. Neighbors who volunteer time to tabulate votes were disrespected. Decisions by Republican judges who reviewed the many accusations were ignored. Heroic memories of America who fought and died for democracy and the freedom to vote had their graves trampled upon.

Today after re audits ad nauseum and upteen recounts supervised by Republican officials and companies formed to find tampered results have only found more votes for the victor. Today we learn more and more about the sanity of people who believe in laser beams from Mars, the smarts of people who believe people whose defense to lawsuits is that what they did not say anything any reasonable person would believe.

Chris Cuomo, an obnoxious tv commentator and brother, fired for breaking news ethics. Hannity, a tv commentator and documented advisor in setting aside the vote, praised nonetheless. Honest vote counters and officials whose good works have been confirmed nonetheless hounded into hiding and resignation.

Today, a year later, guns and further indirection are threatened by those whose idea of fact is self-deluding fantasy. They threaten guns and more insurrection – more disrespect for the results of the vote on pain of death.

This country is beyond drifting into trouble – it is in trouble. Crude laws to stack the vote and damage a carefully devised and fair system will accelerate this.

Insisting on a country with no compromise will stand in the way. TV and internet sources who make money to change their position and lie, wreak havoc. But mostly we have to blame ourselves for getting so invested in our own truths that we reject documented facts as if they are personal attacks. Very selfish! Extraordinarily destructive!

What have our men and women died for?  More than this?

Conrad F Cropsey