Security and Law Enforcement students at BOCES learn defensive tactics

Posted 15 March 2018 at 11:41 am

Provided photo: Bryan VanWycke (Albion), Connor Miller (Medina), Damien Mault (Lockport), Mr. Browning, Hayley Farwell(Orleans (Orleans County Christian School), Travis Wells (Albion), Amaya Beach (Albion), Katelin Corra (Royalton Hartland), Samantha Pozzobon (Albion), Ariane Wachob (Lyndonville), Deseree Brewer (Lockport), Victoria Brunning (Lockport), Andrea Spink (Lockport), Colon McMullen (Albion), Mr. Gilbert, Sage Reed (Medina), Brandon Orlikowski (Lockport), RedMan Suit (Left) Ayden Fentes (Lockport), RedMan Suit (Right) and Mason Pecoraro (Medina).

Press Release, Orleans/Niagara BOCES

MEDINA – The Security and Law Enforcement students at the Orleans Career and Technical Center have been receiving training on how to defend themselves using some new equipment.

Steve Browning and Dudley Gilbert, the class’s teachers, had two of their students suit up in a RedMan instructor suit so that the rest of the class could practice defensive tactics. The suits enable the volunteers to sustain blows, without injury, from a plastic baton or with hands as they engage with their classmates in the use of force exercises.

Some of the students were timid about striking back at the students in RedMan suits, but with the encouragement of their teachers and classmates discovered the best way to defend themselves and keep the upper hand in case of an attack.

Mr. Browning and Mr. Gilbert demonstrated using batons and verbal commands on how to reduce the chance of escalation during an arrest or confrontation.  They stressed how important it is to practice fast decision making and being aware of what maneuvers their opponent is making so they can counteract against aggressive behavior.

“If our students pursue a law enforcement career they most likely will encounter this type of scenario on the job,” said Mr. Browning.  “As officers they will not only have to protect themselves, but those they serve.”

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