Section VI academic honors for N-O athletes

By Mike Wertman, Sports Writer Posted 23 December 2020 at 9:25 am

Nine Niagara-Orleans League senior athletes have been named to the Section VI All-Western New York Scholar-Athlete Individual Award team by compiling an average of at least 90 over the last six semesters.

The N-O honorees include Medina’s Alwyn Cayea (Cross-Country) and FaithAnn Vanderwalker (Field Hockey), Roy-Hart’s Carter Green (Golf), Akron’s Kayla Murray (Cross-Country), Barker’s Lena Fazzolari (Field Hockey) and Carla Stoloski (Cross-Country), Newfane’s Trevor Heschke (Soccer) and Wilson’s Olivia Mocarski (Field Hockey) and Kaylee Healy (Cross-Country).

The N-O also had a large number of student-Athletes receive Honorable Mention. Listed by School they are as follows:

Albion – Madalynn Snook (Soccer), Bonnie DiCureia (Soccer), Brittany Spies-Hunt (Soccer), Claire Squicciarini (Soccer), Colburn Spierdowis (Soccer), Christopher Shabazz (Soccer) and Zac Albright (Soccer).

Medina – Jack Rutkowski (Soccer), Abigail Blount (Field Hockey), Sophia Cardone (Field Hockey), Hannah Kenward (Field Hockey), Suvi Biesinger (Cross-Country), Sarah Sones (Golf), Brooklyn Brown (Soccer) and Carina Kingsbury (Soccer).

Barker – Thomas Jowdy (Cross-Country), Madison Gancasz (Field Hockey), Ella Gooding (Field Hockey), Elinore Voss (Cross-Country), Jessalyn Coen (Soccer) and Chloe Lee (Soccer).

Roy-Hart – Jeffrey Lovewell (Cross-Country), Dominic Peracciny (Soccer), Aidan Bligh (Soccer), Bradley Voelker (Soccer), Rebecca Berner (Field Hockey), Miah Glena (Field Hockey), Lexiss Diel (Field Hockey), McCarthy Lang (Golf), Mya Quinn (Soccer), Clara Jones (Soccer) and Cecilia Santos (Soccer).

Akron – Dylan Scotch (Cross-Country), Adam Mietz (Soccer), Evan Lazzazero (Soccer), Jacob Mazza (Soccer), Madison Henning (Soccer), Olivia Kreher (Soccer), Natalie Karmazyn (Soccer), Ava Martina (Soccer) and Sydney Hall (Soccer).

Newfane – Lilleeane Clark (Soccer), Cora Harding (Soccer), Rachel Chunco (Soccer), Philip Stevenson (Cross-Country), Marah Sheehan (Field Hockey) and Taylor Heschke (Cross-Country).

Wilson – Allan Schultz (Cross-Country), Samuel Georgal (Golf), Jared Jacques (Golf), Matthew Ash (Soccer), Benjamin Lyman (Soccer), Dakota Wagner (Soccer), Rachel Elledge (Field Hockey), Gianna Marchetti (Field Hockey), Taylor Mielke (Field Hockey), Alycia Thompson (Field Hockey), Megan Wawrzynski (Field Hockey), Anna Meyers (Field Hockey), Jennifer Reagan (Cross-Country), Kenzie Beyer (Soccer), Megan Musall (Soccer), Madelyn Seeley (Soccer) and Lilly O’Lay (Soccer).