Schumer says Chase should prioritize finding jobs for Albion workers

Posted 11 June 2013 at 12:00 am

CRFS, in expansion mode, could hire many of the employees

Press Release, U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer’s office

ALBION – U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer called JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon on Monday and urged the bank’s leader to give priority to Albion workers for 150 Chase jobs in Rochester and also help connect Albion workers with local employers such as Claims Recovery Financial Services.

Chase announced on Thursday it would close its Albion mortgage servicing facility that has 413 employees. The site will shut down in September.

Claims Recovery is a fast-growing post-foreclosure claim recovery firm in Orleans County that is eager to hire. CRFS now employs 550 workers in Albion and Medina and is looking to fill 178 openings. The company has plans to further expand and increase employment.

“Last week’s unexpected announcement that JP Morgan will close its Albion facility has hit the community like a ton of bricks,” Schumer said.  “I was blindsided by the announcement, and upset that we were not given more of an opportunity to address the issues ahead of time. But the workers there need our help and we need to be proactive in finding Albion employees new work.”

Chase says the decision is final. Schumer has been working to help reduce the impact of impending job losses in Albion by identifying new work opportunities for the Albion employees.

Schumer spoke by phone this weekend with CRFS CEO Jodi Gaines. Schumer said that much of the employees’ skills at Chase in Albion can translate to the work done at CRFS. He wants Chase to coordinate with CRFS and other local companies in Western New York in terms of timing, severance and other important factors in order to find work for the Chase employees.

“I believe that CRFS is one of our best bets to get these soon-to-be displaced workers new employment opportunity,” Schumer said. “Connecting with this fast-growing local employer and others in Western New York is the very least JP Morgan can do to help reduce job losses in Albion.”