Schools should teach less PC, more patriotism

Posted 3 August 2020 at 1:54 pm


Recently the county school superintendents submitted a letter condemning the violent acts against police, citizens and property which I thank them for standing up, but what are they as heads of their districts going to change to assure this does not happen in the future.

Public schools and the curriculum they allow in big part created this monster. You all have to push back. Starting back in the late ’60s with the elimination of prayer then having to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Corporal punishment was removed. The shame of the non-nuclear family was removed. 1979 the Department of Education was formed and was infiltrated with the ’60s beatniks and communist sympathizers. With each administration it became worse especially during a Democrat presidency. The destructive teachers unions have not helped in the least.

The ’80s and ’90s ushered in new think. God was taken out of everything. Children came home and told their parents my teacher told me you can’t discipline anymore they will call Child Protective Services and you will go to jail. Then a child’s self esteem was more important. Underachievers held back the higher learners. Textbooks had all the answers in the back.

Red ink to correct wrong answers was off limits because it was too aggressive and hurt the feelings of children. Then there were no wrong answers. Recess was illuminated and the daily run around the gym and young children especially young boys were who are naturally hyper magically came into a newly manufactured syndrome called ADD and ADHD and were drugged into submission merely so they could be controlled.

Bad behavior was rewarded. A child is allowed say to a principal, a teacher, a superintendent, a bus driver the most vile foul language and make threats, throw tantrums, be violent and the punishment they would get is time out to play video games, an in-school suspension with transportation provided by the taxpayers. The history of our own country and our constitution glossed over with only how evil this country is and how the founders were slave owners and stole land from the Indians. In sports everyone gets a trophy. Everyone gets to be on the team even if you are a detriment.

Patriotism, love of country, American exceptionalism, American culture and the fact that just by being born on this soil made you better than anyone else in the world was replaced with a new God. Environmentalism, children being taught we are destroying the planet, showing them a proven false documentaries like Al Gore’s Earth in the Balance. Scaring them to death with unproven climate change calamity and telling them capitalism, the life blood of our country is the root cause of this and their parents’ and grandparents’ lifestyles are causing planetary destruction indoctrinating fear, hopelessness and hatred for their elders.

Instead of teaching reading, writing , arithmetic, American history and science minus the political slant they are taught political correctness, multiculturalism, that they are global citizens, anti-bullying, I need a friend benches, common core, to embrace the homosexual LGBTQ agenda, handed out condoms and birth control, that racism is hiding in every corner, and this year the completely revisionist history of the 1619 project and white fragility. To hate and guilt themselves for the way they were born and the white color of their skin.

Stop pushing and pushing that everyone has to go to college from the grade schools. It is not for everyone. Many students are so ill-prepared. Many don’t know what they are going for except that everyone is told they are supposed to go. They obtain worthless degrees and incur massive debt and a polluted mind.

Many can’t read or perform math skills past the 8th grade. They sure don’t know any kind of history. When they come out they can’t find a job and are transformed into these people you condemn that are out on the streets right now destroying and defacing everything. Little socialist, Marxist, communists screaming racism that hate our law enforcement with full intent on cancelling everyone and everything that they deem are wrong with the main focal point being destruction of western civilization and the very country that gave them all they have the USA. The Democrat communists elected leaders in these cities and states taught in the same education system allow this to go on.

I want you superintendents to pay attention to this because what I have illustrated here is probably only a fraction of what you allow to go on in your schools. Most of you have gone through this type of indoctrination in college, don’t think we are fooled. If you are truly sincere in what you wrote then you will look within because your system groomed these children’s minds long before the Marxist professors got their hand on them.

Two generations of children and teachers have been intellectually damaged by liberalism and progressivism. They are parents now. You must concentrate on this next generation in kindergarten and forward to reverse this madness. Are you up to the job?

The rioting in the cities are being promoted and funded by the Democrat and communist party. ANTIFA, Marxist BLM and radical Islam are all joined together now to take down this country. They learned this hate in the American education system. Teach the children to love our country and our Flag, show respect to adults, that learning is a lifetime experience and smarts don’t come in young adulthood. That police are there to protect them. Stop with the political correctness.

Citizens be careful who you elect to your school broad. Any board for that matter. Know what they believe. Civilization depends on it that how critical it is.

Paul Lauricella