Schools should have armed security for the safety of students, staff

Posted 8 May 2023 at 11:41 am


Arming school security can potentially save many lives. Since the 1990s, school shootings have increased, resulting in new requirements to protect students.

In 2022 alone, there were 51 school shootings in the United States. Schools across the country are taking action by adding armed security, adding more cameras, and creating a safe environment for students overall.

Some students and parents want armed security in schools. “We want our children to be safe and free from any wrongdoing in their school day,” said Samuel Cruz, a parent. “We want some kind of armed security to be in place to deter these violent acts towards our children.”

His comment was reported by the New York State School Boards Association. Mr. Cruz has not witnessed a school shooting at his school district in North Carolina but wants the best for his child.

“They need to be well trained in using firearms and have easy access to a gun if a person attacks the school,” ninth-grader Rebecca McKenzie of Georgia said in a news report from Voice of America. Rebecca has not experienced a school shooting but fears one as well.

In Dixon, Illinois, an armed security guard shot at and chased an active school shooter away from the school in 2018. The school shooter was carrying a 9mm semiautomatic rifle. This security guard’s heroic actions saved the lives of students and teachers. Security was able to injure the shooter in the leg and scared the shooter away, who was later detained by police.

Once an active shooting is reported, police can arrive within five minutes but when dealing with the lives of children, every second counts. In May of 2022, nineteen children and two teachers died in a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, and that does not include the many that were injured. These school shootings leave an immense impact in the hearts of families across the country. Any method schools can use to help protect students should be used.

Educating school districts on armed security can hopefully inform them on how important it is to keep students safe. The more trust students have with school resource officers and police will help students be ready to learn and helps them be relaxed. We must take action and speak to our representatives and school board members regarding the integration of armed security in our schools.

Shannon Kelly

Holley High School senior