School board candidates should make social views known to public

Posted 21 May 2024 at 8:52 am


The following is my own observations and opinions. I am confident it will offend some. I make no apologies.

We are living in backwards and upside-down times. There is a lot of mental illness out there in society. The causes vary: fear, drugs, peer pressure, wanting to fit in, some of it is genuine but a lot of it is self inflicted and perpetuated by the education system, politicians and the progressive media.

Observant people have seen this for decades when a friend or family member comes home from college they are a different person as if someone washed their brain clean of common sense and traditional values and poured in a lot of garbage.

Not all, that would be saying that every young person has a weak mind. Some of this wears off when one is hit by the real world having to work and pay bills and taxes and survive but there are many cases where it stays especially in the more affluent and connected families, trust fund babies where they go from university right into high positions and take their radical authoritarian views right into the education, media and the political system.

Poisoned minds continuing the progressive poisoning of our youth K through 12 through university with the backing of poisoned politicians. Not all, but reasonable people in education and politics know who they are.

Which leads me into why I am writing this letter. School board elections are today. The decades ago and recently indoctrinated, brainwashed, whatever you want to call it are now adults, parents with children or not and some are vying to run for school board positions.

We have observed this for years with radicals taking over school boards and imposing values and a progressive agenda that does not meet the values, views or education that the parents expect. Years ago all we had to worry about was the school board member that would agree to any and all spending and the results would be a high tax bill. Not anymore.

We can no longer except the generic statements that school board candidates make in their letters they send or write to the editor. We need to know where they stand on Critical Race Theory, “White Privilege” and allowing male transgenders into the girls bathrooms, sports and locker rooms. We need to know about allowing sexually explicit books to be viewed in the school library by K  through 12 students.

Climate propaganda is another abusive poison putting fear and despair into our children when there is not one thing to worry about. The Board of Education is a reflection of the community. I know I will be having a grandson attending school soon. I want him to have an innocent childhood and protected from this kind of sickness when he is out of our hands and supposed to be learning how to competently read, write, add subtract, real science and skills useful to a self-reliant life.

He is all boy who will grow up to be a man and will at no time by our family be treated or told he is otherwise. I do not want a woke twisted board member, educator telling him or your child otherwise as no grandparent, or parent would want that.

This is all a form of delusion and mental illness. That is why it is so important to know the views of the school board candidates before you vote.

Lastly, do not raise my taxes.

Paul Lauricella Jr.