Schmidt details community service, professional credentials as coroner

Posted 14 June 2024 at 6:55 am


A recent letter to the editor suggested that candidates list their accomplishments and qualifications for running for public office. I couldn’t agree more, and with Republican Primary on June 25th and early voting starting soon, I’d like the voters to know some of mine.

I have been a public servant in Orleans County for over 30 years holding the position of County Coroner and have been appointed to a higher level as chief coroner for over 20 years.

I have spent my entire career as a funeral director in this county and I’ve been honored to serve and work with 1,000s of families during the most tragic times in their lives. I continue to serve in the capacity as chief coroner and as a funeral director serving all the residents of Orleans County.

I am running in the Primary election on June 25th for another 4-year term and would sincerely appreciate your consideration of granting me another term. There are four individuals running for three positions, so when you cast your ballot, I’d appreciate it if you would make me your first choice for coroner. My commitment to the community, county, state and to our country is unparalleled as shown here.

Having served as a volunteer firefighter, chaplain and president of the Albion Fire Department, I went on to serve 12 years as chaplain and now life member of the Western NY Volunteer Fireman’s Association and the Fireman’s Association of the State of NY.

After winning my first election in 1990, I joined the NYS Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners to further my education in Medicolegal Death Investigation and Forensic Science. Having been elected as president of that association 16 years ago, I co-authored a law mandating minimum training for newly elected Coroners as well as co-authored a bill currently being debated requiring continuing education for sitting coroners.

Practicing what you preach is important in life, as I also teach part of the mandatory training class for the new coroners. As a member of the US Department of Health and Human Services National Disaster Medical System Federal Mortuary Team, my 20 days at Ground Zero following 9/11/01 and my 30 days in MS and LA following Hurricane Katrina recovering and identifying human remains, caused me to author the Orleans County Mass Fatality Response Plan.

Orleans County has a Child Fatality Review Board which was started as a result of one of my cases which lead to the only Coroner Inquest ever held in Orleans County.  And as a response to the Opioid Epidemic, I currently lead Orleans Recovery, a community support organization dedicated to reducing the stigma of addiction and providing Narcan training and Narcan kits along with Fentanyl Test Strips to anyone and everyone in the community as we can. And as an Ordained Music Minister in the Presbyterian Church USA, I am currently serving the Barre Center Presbyterian Church as organist.

My experience and training is extensive, my commitment to my community, the county, the state and our country is unquestioned. I would humbly ask the voters of Orleans when they vote in the June 25 Republican Primary that they give strong consideration for casting their first vote for coroner for me, Scott Schmidt.

With grateful thanks,

Scott M. Schmidt


Chief Coroner of Orleans County