Schiffer wants to continue serving on Shelby Town Board

Posted 23 June 2023 at 8:39 am


Hi, my name is Jeff Schiffer and I am running as the incumbent/endorsed Republican councilmember candidate for the Town of Shelby.

I am currently on the Town Board since the February of 2023. I would like to continue serving the Town of Shelby with your support.

I am open to listening to all the residents and their wishes for the Town’s future. As a retired Attica Correctional facility supervising counselor, as well as the head of the Attica Hostage Negotiation team/Gang Intelligence Unit, and 10 years working at Orleans Mental Health, I have learned to have patience and the ability to adapt to many situations.

I want the Town to have the transparency the residents deserve. As a Town Councilmember I will keep the people of Shelby informed as to what is happening that will affect them and their neighbors. I do not believe in backdoor deals.

I am a proud father of two daughters and one son who have given me the privilege to be called grandpa. This is one of my greatest honors.

I am also a member of the VFW, Junior Wilson, Waterport Archer Club, Senior Citizens of Western Orleans & East Shelby Community Bible Church.

I appreciate your vote on Primary Day, June 27.

Jeff Schiffer