Save the country and defeat Democrats at the ballot box

Posted 31 October 2020 at 7:20 pm


In response to Jeanne Crane, recently retired Democrat Party chairwoman. I made the assumption that you were probably getting out because your party had become so radical anti-American that no one with any common sense could in good conscience belong to a party that so hates one’s country. Let alone be a representative.

I was wrong. I stand by my statement that Nate McMurray is a radical socialist and even worse. Jacobs voted party lines 16 out of 19 votes. I see it as he voted to make the country better and those 3 votes he didn’t does not make me happy.

I can tell you he votes with the traitorous Democrats a lot more on other votes. You should like him. The Postal Service had problems long before Chris Jacobs’ vote. It’s called labor unions and mismanagement. I like the Post Office and I use it all the time in my business but I would have been very mad if Jacobs had voted the other way. I’m glad he made that mistake.

I and the Conservative Party of NY supported Beth Parlato, a real conservative. She didn’t win. We love the country so we are backing Chris Jacobs because on his worst day he is better than someone who belongs to the Democrat, America-hating party like Nate McMurray. The fact that he is a Democrat in this climate makes him the enemy of his country in my book. Not someone that loves it. A politician that loves this country would never ever belong to the Democrat Party.

Nate McMurray, if he wins and that is very doubtful, would as a Democrat oversee the destruction of this country as Democrats in Congress want to transform it. That wasn’t said carelessly or falsely but by listening to his own words.

I am not fooled by him nor is anyone with any common sense. The Democrats have very ill intentions for this country and people who do not agree with them if they win. I ask voters to save the seat. Yes that seat or any seat in this country should never be filled by a Democrat.

We see this by all the lunatics that are mayors and governors or city councils controlled by these Democrats throughout the country who allow violence and destruction of property, murder, looting, hatred for police just doing their job, brainwashing in the education system.

Nate McMurray is not a nice guy especially after what he said about terminal cancer patient Michael Caputo.

“I wish death on no one,” the candidate wrote on Twitter. “But this man will enjoy the best public healthcare imaginable. While denying millions the same, and lying about a virus that’s killing us.”

“My pity is limited,” McMurray added.

You say he’s endorsed by 26 labor unions like that is good thing. You say he will fight for health care, yes he will fight for single-payer government-controlled healthcare. To ruin everyone else’s health care like Obama did. So let me let the readers in one more time on the dangers of voting for a radical socialist Democrat like Nate McMurray. He, like all Democrat gun grabbers, is out to abolish the Second Amendment. Says radical leftist Congressman Brian Higgins isn’t aggressive enough. Says he doesn’t like Trump. He wants to Un-Trump NY 27. He wants Medicare and weed for all. He supports open borders.

He is endorsed by the communist Working Family Party. He is endorsed by the radical public employee unions AFL-CIO and NYS Teachers Unions that bleed the taxpayers dry and protect incompetence in this state.

He will push the Anti-American Agenda 21 globalist policies of the UN, the Democrat Party and be a lap dog to Nancy Pelosi.

Democrat politicians are the most incompetent, are purposefully destructive and hateful to all America stands for and they all must be driven from office through the electoral system or we will not have a country.

Give the entire Democrat Party in the NY State Senate, the House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate and for president of the United States a decisive defeat at the ballot box or our country is over as we know it.

With all sincerity.

Paul Lauricella


Orleans County Conservative Party Chairman