Sandstone Society recognizes Shelby, Medina school district

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 17 July 2014 at 12:00 am

Photos by Tom Rivers – The Medina Sandstone Society will be giving the Shelby Town Board and Medina Board of Education plaques, expressing the society’s appreciation for recent projects that utilized Medina sandstone. Sandstone Society board members hold the plaques. The group includes, from left: Peggy Schreck, Jacob Hebdon, Missy Schening and President Robert Waters.

MEDINA – Last year the Shelby Town Board wanted a new sign on the Town Hall. The board decided to utilize a big piece of sandstone for the sign, and have town’s name etched in the stone. The sign went up in August.

Medina Central School last year also rebuilt a sign on Maple Ridge Road near the high school. The district picked sandstone for part of the sign.

The new sign on the Shelby Town Hall is made of Medina sandstone.

The Medina Sandstone Society appreciates the efforts by the Town Board and school to use sandstone in two prominent locations and honor the community’s heritage.

The Sandstone Society is presenting plaques to the Shelby Town Board and Medina Board of Education, thanking them for the projects.

Robert Waters, the Sandstone Society president, hopes the plaques are displayed for the public to see.

“It’s one more way to get our message out,” he said.

The school district used Medina sandstone in this sign along Maple Ridge Road.

The society met on Wednesday and welcomed Missy Schening as a new honorary director on the board. Schening runs the Memories of Medina Facebook page that has nearly 4,000 friends. She said she enjoys local history and sharing it with the community.

The Sandstone Society also endorsed a program with the school district where a select group of honor students who do a local history project will then be able to have their names etched in a sandstone wall to be erected on school property. The students will engrave their names and then personally mortar their block on the wall.

Sandstone Society board member Jeff Evoy, the school district superintendent, will bring the project to Board of Education members for their feedback.