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Sand volleyball teams back in action

Contributed Story Posted 27 July 2014 at 12:00 am

Orleans County YMCA Happenings

This week in sand volleyball teams were back in actions, throwing everything they got as they fought hard for playoff position.

Starting with A division SWAT Team took on Froman Ink. These teams have both taken sets from one another but overall Froman Ink has looked like the better team. This day was no different. Froman started out slow as they dropped the first game 25-16. Dan Ward helped turn their fortune around as they won game two 25-19. Game three each team pulled out all the stops. Froman Ink was able to get a 24-18 lead but SWAT wasn’t going away. They battled to get it back to 24-24. Points were traded but in the end Froman Ink was able to squeak it out 28-26 for a 2-1 victory with a score of 70-69.

Moving over to our B division How I Set Your Mother took on Peanut Butter Cups. With first place on the line . Both teams took this game personally. Coming out strong Riley Welker spiked his team to victory the first game. Austin Bane matched his effort and more by killing several balls to sand. Peanut Butter Cup couldn’t keep their first game win going as they fell 2-1 with a score of 70-57. How I Set Your Mother takes a commanding lead in the league.

Our second game saw Bridget’s Bashers taking on BHP Custom Patios. The first two games BHP romped them with a total score of 50-25. Bridget’s looked lost but game three they battled back and played great ball, and were able to take game three even though they fell 2-1 with a score of 73-50. I’d Hit That took on Bump + Grind in our third game. Brooks Boyle came out hot. Slamming sets to the ground. Mike and Steve Crane showed poised as they weathered the storm and were able to win game one. Bump + Grind would answer back strong as they put everything together and won the remaining two. Winning them the match 2-1 with a score of 72-64.

Lastly in our C division, Growmark FC took on Mundion Watts. Mundion Watts came out roaring, as they bumped, set and spiked like never before. Growmark had no idea how to stop it. Addy Watts showed great skill with on point passes and get sets for his teammates. Growmark was able to bounce back after two loses and took game three behind the serving of Nicci Morre. In the end Watts still took the match 2-1 with a score of 66-61.

In our last match of the Watch it Drop played Huck it. Carissa Streams led her team to a strong opening. Her play alone helped propel them to game one victory. Emily Oakes wasn’t having it as Huck It just went all out and was able to take the second and third game barely but still able to take them for a 2-1 victory with a score of 71-67.