Sand volleyball playoffs get underway

Contributed Story Posted 2 August 2014 at 12:00 am

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Sand volleyball was a whirlwind of craziness this week. B and C division continued their fight for playoff position while A division got their playoffs underway.

Starting off with our C division Watch it Drop took on Mundion Watts. Watts came out strong with fantastic play from Andy Watts himself. Giving his team everything he had to help them get the victory. He was successful in his effort as they pulled out a 2-1 victory with a score of 67-66.

Next Growmark took on Huck It. Growmark took it to them immediately. Serving and spotting Huck It for astounding amount of points. Zach Baldwin added to their serves with devastating spikes, looking like a rabid dog whenever a set would come his way. Growmark went on to win 3-0 with a score of 75-38.

Moving over to our B division How I Set Your Mother took on Bump + Grind. Bump had a rough first game as they lost 25 to 12. They started to catch some steam with Brooks Boyle and Joel Burgess blocking and spiking their way back into the game. Sadly their efforts were negated by Nick Schroeder as he lead his team to 3-0 victory with a score of 75-52. This puts Set way out in front in the league standings.

Our next game was Peanutbutter Cups taking on Bridget’s Bashers. Courtney Furness came out with fury as she pounded sets into the sand. Bridget’s had a tough time containing her as they dropped the first two games not breaking 15. The third game Bridget’s made a strong rally but was ultimately just not enough as Zach Welker pressed forward to a 3-0 victory with a score of 75-48.

In our final game of B division I’d Hit That played BPH Custom Patios. Jenna Carpenter was force this game. She did it all. When she had to set she send beautiful ones up in the air for her teammates and when it was her time to hit she threw it down with the best of them. With the help of her teammates I’d Hit that was able to best BPH 2-1 with a score of 67-59.

Last but not least was our A division playoffs. With only three teams in the mix Froman Ink took the bye by having the best record. So in our first round 3rd Seed Sweaty Bears took on 2nd seed SWAT Team. Being the last time Sweaty Bears would play together they threw everything on the line. I never have seen so many diving plays from one time. Troy Callard and Brie Dixon were maybe on the ground more then their feet.

These two games were a dog fight from the start. Niether game ended at 25 as the game was so close between these two teams. Adam Tower and Zach Beacher sent a flurry of spikes towards the Bears but they just kept sending them back. Bears lead by “Laser Lasky bested SWAT Team the first game 26-24. Game two both teams brought it again. Back and forth it but the Bears were more determined to go out as champions as they took game two 29-27 and advanced to the finals.

In the finals the Bears took on Froman Ink. Before this Sweaty Bears had yet take a full match from Froman Ink. The Bears came into the match with all the momentum. Brad Buckner came out hot as he gave bears the early lead using a vary of tips to catch Froman Ink looking. Dan Ward and Ben Wadhams didn’t want to lose like this as they came back with some ridiculious spikes but it just seemed like that wasn’t enough. The Bears just kept driving and kept winning. They were able to take game one 25-21.

With their backs against the wall Froman Ink had to deliver. Lindsay Froman delivered some great sets but she couldn’t match the exceptional play of Sam Roskowski. Even with all the craziness flying around her, she kept her team stable by providing her team with gorgeous sets that they just kept putting down. She was the backbone of the team. It was bears night as they took a the match and the championship 2-0.

Being their last game together I would like to say The Sweaty Bears will be missed, especially their team captain Pete Zamniak who is moving out to Reno, Nevada. You will missed by the whole league. No one will forget your driving plays or your crazy shouting antics from GET THAT MONEY to THE SERVE IS TRUE. There’s no one like you. I’m glad you came back for one more season after you broke your leg and I’m glad you went out on top. Good luck with everything Pete.