Sand volleyball league action resumes

Posted 18 August 2014 at 12:00 am

Orleans YMCA Happenings

Contributed column

This week in summer volleyball action resumed after a few unfortunate rain outs. Teams were hyped to be back and playing. With playoffs getting closer and closer every week and having the standing being so close each team was trying to make sure they got the win this week.

Starting off with B division, Peanut Butter Cups took on Bump + Grind. It seems 3rd time was the charm for Bump + Grind as they were finally to gain some traction against their arch foes. Bump + Grind played up to their name. As they grinded their way to victory this week. Winning the 2-1 with a score of 67-62. Joel Burgess had a fantastic showing, powerfully crushing balls into the sand. He was aided by the athletic marvel that is Brooks Boyle. Peanut Butter Cups couldn’t match the speed and strength of these two animals as they fell to them for the first time this season.

In our second match I’d Hit That took on Bridget’s Bashers. After losing their season opener against Bridget’s 3-0 I’d Hit That has figured them out and has had not trouble playing them since. This week was not different. Veterans Mike Crane, Steve Crane, and Adam Tower all had great teamwork, that overwhelmed Bridget’s in a messy three game set for her team. I’d Hit That was able to take it 3-0 with a score of 75-52. Pushing them into 3rd place in the standing.

In our last game of B division 1st place How I Set Your Mother took on BHP Custom Patios. Both teams were gunning for each other from the start. Team captain Ryan “Holt” Bailey was setting the example for How I Set Your Mother by diving and saving every ball that came to him. His effort was unmatched by anyone on the court. BHP fought back in the only way they knew how, by digging every ball that was hit at them. This team is known for not letting anything hit the ground and they lived up to that reputation today. Despite fantastic efforts from both teams there had to be a winner. How I Set Your Mother was just too strong as they cruised to 3-0 victory with a score of 75-70.

Moving on to our C division, Watch It Drop took on Growmark FC. Carissa Streams and Paula Welker wanted nothing more to beat this team as Growmark has been a long time rival of the two. Both ladies came out hot as they found themselves in an early lead. Allison Zinkievich of Growmark would answer back with a great run of serves. After Zinkievich tied the score up Growmark took control and won the first game. Game two and three Zack Welker of Watch It Drop showed his power. As he slammed absurd amount of spikes at Growmark. Growmark wasn’t fazed though as Gary and Nicci Moore dug him like they were getting paid to do it. Watch It Drop didn’t have much left in the tank after that as Growmark captilized and took games two and three. Winning the match 3-0 with a score of 75-63.

In our final match of the night Huck It took on Mundion Watts. Aiming for first place Mundion Watts went hard as soon as the game started. Matt Mundion was everywhere. He was like roadrunner, speeding around the court, going after every ball he saw. Huck it had no answer to him. As anything tried to do Mundion would somehow, someway get to it. Andy Watts aided him with solid all around game, setting Matt up for a few ridiculous spikes. Mundion Watts made short work of Huck It this week. Breezing to 3-0 victory with a score of 75-54.

Stay tuned next week where the regular season comes to epic conclusion.